Alternate Game Covers - Animal Crossing, Viewtiful Joe (x2), and Wave Race

A few covers I’ve been working on. Viewtiful Joe was the most challenging in finding some good photos to work with it being in a movie theater (Hence the reason for two covers, the second was my first run). Animal Crossing wasn’t too bad, I’m actually using the idea I had got from the GAF collection cover of Animal Crossing. Wave Race took some time to do. I’m not too particularly happy with the back cover, but it’ll do.

Cory Johnson’s full Legend of Zelda album is now complete. I mentioned him a few weeks ago and his demo album. It’s quite a good listen. And you can name your price for the album, if your so inclined. It’s a combination of Zelda tunes with a sound similar to Explosions In The Sky, go ahead and give it a listen!

Alternate Game Covers

I’ve always loved Criterion Collection’s minimalist covers. It gives a movie a certain air of mystery, and artistic quality.

Well, Neogaf’s forum dwellers have done it again, they’ve made some REALLY NICE covers of some classic and new games. Take a gander at some of them. You may find some you’ll like and want to use on your own games, I think I may make some for myself.

Little Big Planet 2

Mirror's Edge

There’s plenty more in the forum!