Rise: An exhaustive look at a fitting end of Nolan’s Caped Crusader

It’s only been a short time since I finished watching Nolan’s final Batman film. There was an emotional high that I haven’t felt since I left the second Batman film: The Dark Knight. So let’s delve into the film, look at its themes and message, and just what made this such an awesome film.

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The Dark Knight Trilogy Mega Trailer

A very well done fan trailer of all 3 films. Don’t worry, not too much footage of The Dark Knight Rises is spoiled.

Seeing this on Saturday, and I cannot wait.

Tenpole Tudor - Swords of a Thousand Men

Went to the Drive In Last nite and caught a double feature of The AVENGERS and The Pirates! Band of Misfits. This was the opening track for the pirate movie. While it wasn’t exactly Aardman’s finest, it certainly was enjoyable. It’s supposed to be coming out soon on video, I highly recommend you watch it.